Registry Suggestions


My Brest Friend – won’t slip away from you, has back support, and is especially great for c-section moms *

Haakaa - great for passive collection and encouraging supply

Receiving Blankets – sturdy flannel construction perfect to help with positioning & great for spit up *

Nipple Cream – a must have to prevent and treat sore nipples *

Kiinde System – for moms who plan to pump regularly, being able to pump and feed from the same container reduces milk loss and the chance of contamination



LÍLLÉbaby Ring Sling – this carrier is the ideal for babywearing newborns  (LÍLLÉbaby website for more colors) *

LÍLLÉbaby Structured Carrier – this mesh carrier is perfect for Charleston weather year round *


Sleep & Play

Co-Sleeper  – allows baby to be very near but still on their own sleep surface

Rocker / Bouncer – perfect for supervised naps, especially for babies with reflux *

Swing – babies love to take supervised naps in these and they can give parents’ arms a break. Multi-directional and speed are both important because some babies have a definite preference! *

Play Mat – a perfect location for face-to-face tummy time (babies love the floor mirror on this one) *

Sleep Sack Swaddle– these are a great choice if you plan to swaddle. Make sure you get the right size(s)

Sleep Sack – this style can be worn from birth through toddlerhood and putting it on is a great way to indicate to your baby that it’s bedtime *

White Noise Machine – this model is fan-based and has an adjustable tone to allow for deeper sounds more soothing for baby’s ears than a digital version


Personal & Medical Care

Baby Bathtub – a baby bath, with built-in thermometer, that allows for clean water to circulate keeping baby warm (and reducing diaper rash from soap) *

Baby Bath Seat – for babies who can sit up independently, this keep bath time fun and safe *

Baby Wash Cloths – these are great for placing over baby to keep them warm in the bath *

Fragrance-Free Massage Lotion – baby massage can improve their sleep & growth *

Thermometer – a reliable thermometer is a necessity *

Nail Clippers – babies often need their nails clipped every few days *

Nasal Spray – this is very helpful for baby’s first cold *

Nasal Aspirator – this can help dislodge stubborn mucus *


This list is not comprehensive and does not make or indicate any guarantees about the quality or functionality of these items. Please read and follow all manufacturers’ instructions. Any purchases made from these suggestions are at the purchaser’s own risk. Aemelia and/or Nurturing Partners has not received any free products or payment for suggesting these items, but many of the links on this page are Amazon affiliate links. Commissions made on purchases through these links allow us to invest in loaner items and books for our clients.


*indicates items personally used and preferred by Aemelia


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