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Picking one book to read from each category would be a great start to your parenting journey!


(digital/searchable copies recommended)

Dr. Jack Newman's Guide to Breastfeeding by Dr. Jack Newman *

The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding: Completely Revised and Updated 8th Edition by La Leche League International

Safe & Sufficient Sleep

Safe Infant Sleep: Expert Answers to Your Cosleeping Questions by James McKenna, P.h.D. *

Sweet Sleep: Nighttime and Naptime Strategies for the Breastfeeding Family by La Leche League International

Good Nights: The Happy Parents' Guide to the Family Bed (and a Peaceful Night's Sleep!) by Jay Gordon M.D.

Baby Care & Bonding

(digital/searchable copies recommended)

The Baby Book: Everything You Need to Know About Your Baby From Birth to Age Two by William Sears MD *

The Attachment Parenting Book : A Commonsense Guide to Understanding and Nurturing Your Baby by Martha Sears RN

Feeding Baby Solids

Baby-Led Feeding: A Natural Way to Raise Happy, Independent Eaters by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Baby-Led Weaning: The Essential Guide―How to Introduce Solid Foods and Help Your Baby to Grow Up a Happy and Confident Eater by Gil Rapley PhD *

Successful & Safe Childbirth

Birth Without Fear: The Judgment-Free Guide to Taking Charge of Your Pregnancy, Birth, and Postpartum by January Harshe

Babies Are Not Pizzas: They're Born, Not Delivered by Rebecca Dekker, PhD, RN *

Birth Partner 5th Edition: A Complete Guide to Childbirth for Dads, Partners, Doulas, and All Other Labor Companions by Penny Simkin (this is a great book for first time dads!)

Ina May's Guide to Childbirth by Ina May Gaskin

Birthing from Within: An Extra-Ordinary Guide to Childbirth Preparation by Pam England


Pregnancy, Childbirth, and the Newborn: The Complete Guide by Penny Simkin

The Healthy Pregnancy Book: Month by Month, Everything You Need to Know from America's Baby Experts by William Sears MD

Nurture: A Modern Guide to Pregnancy, Birth, Early Motherhood—and Trusting Yourself and Your Body by Erica Cohen

The First Forty Days: The Essential Art of Nourishing the New Mother by Heng Ou

Growing as Grownups

And Baby Makes Three: The Six-Step Plan for Preserving Marital Intimacy and Rekindling Romance After Baby Arrives by John Gottman PhD

The Attachment Effect: Exploring the Powerful Ways Our Earliest Bond Shapes Our Relationships and Lives by Peter Lovenheim *

Children's Books

Baby on the Way by Martha Sears RN

What Baby Needs by William Sears MD

Mama Says Homebirth by Miquilaue Young

Our Water Baby by The Good Birth Company

Hello Baby by Jenni Overend

It's Not The Stork! by Robie Harris

It's So Amazing! by Robie Harris

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* Aemelia's personal favorites

Recommended Reading

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